Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lose Five Pounds in Five Minutes

How to look taller, slimmer and prettier with a few simple tweaks (for girls).

1. Dancer's posture.
Spine straight, tummy tucked in, shoulders back and head held high. You instantly look more graceful, more confident, slimmer and taller. Ask a ballerina or bellydancer to show you. If not, practice walking with a book on your head.

2. A bra that fits perfectly.
Get measured in a store that sells quality bras, buy one, and wear whenever you want to feel pretty. Get re-measured every six months. Wash it very carefully.
You will instantly look as though you've lost a few pounds.

3. Smile!
You instantly look 1000x as beautiful. There's nothing like a real smile to make your face light up.

There are a few other wardrobe tricks, which I would like to cover in future posts. For now: stand up straight, wear what fits, and smile at the world.
I'll be smiling back at ya'.

Night All,