Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tra la la...

I think I'm in love again. I've got that giddy feeling. Every time we meet, I end up anticipating more.
Even better, the more delivers.

What boys?

I've found a new fantasy series to curl up with. Each one of the (so far) fourteen books just keeps getting better. The characters are more sharply developed. The writing is clearer and more incisive. The humor has gone from making me chuckle quietly to the occasional belly laughs.


Urban fantasy/mystery. It's good. It will make you laugh out loud, grab unsuspecting victims so you can explain why you laughed out loud - and then sucker punch you so hard you want to cry. It's that good.

The series is called "The Dresden Files," and it's by Jim Butcher. The first three books are a bit mediocre, but entertaining. Starting with book four, the series really takes off. It stars a snarky wizard who earns a living as a detective in Chicago.

One of the other key reasons I love this series are the heroes. The main character really is a hero. The minor protagonists are also Good People. This is a series I can turn to during moments when I lose my sense of trust and hope in the people around me.
Maybe another post a bit later on about what it means to be a hero?

Why are you still here? Go track some of these books down before Shabbat!

Be well,



  1. You're the second person to recommend this series to me this month lol! Maybe I'll check it out. I do have an unread George RR Martin book sitting on my shelf though...

    1. Go and find!

      ...and how DOES a George RR Martin book stay unread?

  2. FG, I find it very hard to believe that a George RR Martin book remains simply "unread."

    Thanks for the recommendation, Sparrow! I'm currently in middle of Bujold's "Mirror Dance," for which I bless your soul constantly.

    1. As I said above - me too. Those books are fun!

      Glad you liked! :)
      I actually just started rereading that series again.

  3. Dresden series is great! His Cauldron series is not as good, Jim Butcher has similarities to Roger Zelazny.
    I will not read George RR Martin till he finished the series, otherwise we end up like what happened with Robert Jordan and the wheel of time series, even though Saunderson is a great author and you should read his series, (mistworld being the best)


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